What men expects from ladies in a relationship.

Loving in a stable relationship is every man’s and every lady’s desire but what does it take to stay in there? That’s what forms the basis of my opinion this moment and I want to outline what men in relationships and dating expect of their other significant halves.

First, let us take a typical example of middle aged men and ladies in campus. This is where love starts and whether it will sprout to become a family or it will end up into a drooping flower purely depends on how the two parties involved will behave during the moments they spend together. This may perhaps not include issues of being good in bed or have romantic acts and looks but revolves much around the deeds with the anticipation of making a future wife or husband. My dear sisters , so here are some of the things men would always expect from you to get that conviction of being a potential spouse who can help him make a good home and raise children together as a perfect couple.

When you visit your man even if he has never told you of his plans to marry one day,then please at that time that you are in that room kindly assume the role of a mother and do anything good that will make him believe that indeed you can make a good wife. So what are some if these things am telling you to do? What I mean is that make your presence be felt ,don’t wait for him to tell you to press his clothes and arrange the wardrobe, do it and do it pretty well. Do it passionately, do it like you will never do it again. When you get into his room and you find the utensil dirty, do the clean up and make something for him to take . Don’t suggest for picking a take away meal just because he didn’t clean his utensil before inviting you.

For the clothes you pressed, even when you leave on the very same day you came, he will remember you throughout the week. Your presence will always be felt within the house even when you are away. The nice food you made for him will do a great deal make him to long for meeting you again, he will always be thinking of this next time when you will meet and as a result he will always be thinking of you. This will reduce the possible chances of him thinking about the so many pretty faces that surrounds him when you are away. Please pay the price of keeping this good man whom you got lucky to love you.

Time and personal space is another thing men really need. It’s true you are his girlfriend but that does not mean that you now make it a public news! Give your man some time especially if he is one who is already working. He loves you and he will always have you in his plans and busy schedule when you learn to know where your time lies in his life. Give him an easy time when preparing for job in the morning, you can always make his neck ties as he takes a shower, serve his breakfast , shine the shoes and make him a choice of the suit to put on. You can’t explain how they usually do their preparations in such a hurry that most of the time they dash out of the room to work in a mix and match attire! Do not allow this to happen on your boyfriend.

When at his workplace or class he will always receive several candid compliments on his sharp dressing code, his punctuality, his freshness and composure. Whenever all these happens, he would always smile and think of your face, your looks and transfer all the credits to you , this will be additional feather into your cap! You shall have succeeded in binding him to you.

Another thing is judging your man using his last seen time on WhatsApp , if you do this then believe me you are breaking your own egg. This cannot help you prevent him from doing anything fishy but again in most cases your perception will be wrong especially when the man truly loves you. So my dear sister, kindly embrace dialogue with your man and discuss what affects your relationship, listen to him, be frank and make your opinions without compromising anything. Believe me if he allows and gives dialogue a chance, then that is a good man who is interested in you and DON’T LET HIM GO! Most men don’t give dialogue a chance with the ladies they date. This , however, doesn’t mean that your man won’t listen to you. Just create that serene atmosphere of dialogue and invite him to have a talk. You can always do this over the weekend while enjoying a drink or some fruits together, buy the fruits and plan a visit to his place.

Never reveal your man’s secrets to your friends lest you risk losing him to them. Keep your affairs known to you two and never make comments when your boyfriend is away, let him be part of your opinion always.

Love has always been known to be a sweet melody sung by two and it still just that. Don’t let your man sing the melody with another lady. Well how will you ensure this doesn’t happen? Listen, give him a chance to have what he owes from you as a girlfriend and don’t deny him. To men, sex is a relaxant, a coolant, a lullaby, a one in a million things they won’t wish away so don’t punish him because he will seen it somewhere else! That will be the genesis of your fallout!

Not all men are the same but hope yours is a good one, I know ladies place love before sex but men does it the other way round, sex then love. So how will you be together? You have to get into the zone of risk and offer him a good moment after sometime to see if he will still love you, real men will stay but fake ones will go! So sad, God forbid this for your case. Don’t play hard to get, good men don’t beg because they know their worth and what they are after so think well before saying YES or No.