Electing the Jubilee Government was a foolish move by Kenyans: The Observer’s Perspective

If you remember well, I said electing Jubilee, is like a girl who chooses a bad boy, seeking cheap thrills, good sex and such, and a guaranteed heartbreak.

Wait some of us did not vote, and are still adamant that the government this is not our government of choice.

The prices of commodities will go high. Fuel prices will screw so many sectors.

Guys you used to think Greece, or Venezuela, or Sri Lanka is a remote possibility, but it is now an existential reality. When someone who knowingly voted for Jubilee tries to give you any BS, tell them to the face, that they are responsible for this mess. Remind them as comrade Gabriel Oguda recently told us.

Don’t buy any BS, like it doesn’t matter who was going to be in charge. They like that line especially. The 2017 elections were about life and death. We chose death. The mess we are in and we will be for the next indeterminate future is solely for every Kenyan who stood in a queue and knowingly voted for crooks, using the most dubious justification.

I sleep easy knowing that I made my stand known and will not be prevaricating on this. If you voted for Jubilee, know whatever happens in this country in the next 15 years, you are responsible.

PS: On a serious note…this is my last…

The writer is a Standard Media Columnist

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