Manchester City v Arsenal, Sunday 5th, pre-match analysis and predictions

Arsenal went to Chelsea a few weeks ago and got a comfortable goalless draw and I thought the penny had dropped. They did it two years ago at Man City and won, although [Santi] Cazorla was in the team then and he was their best player.

But since that Chelsea game I said, ‘OK right, let’s wait and see till the next big game and see if the penny has dropped, or was that just fortunate?’ And it all depends on which way he [Arsene Wenger] sets up…

But I cannot go for anything other than a City win given the way they play. If anyone is going to go there and win, believe it or not, you would go for Arsenal as they play a flamboyant way, they open the game up.

And if you are going to beat City, you have to have a go. There is no point sitting back and saying, ‘right, let’s try and nick something on the break,’ as they have too many good players who are going to break you open before the end of the game.

But I am going to go 3-2 to City as I think there will be goals.

Pundit predicts: 3-2

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