Alarm over theft of borehole pumps in Kiambu

Owners of submersible borehole pumps in Ngenia village, Ngewa Ward in Githunguri, Kiambu county, are spending sleepless nights for fear their pumps might be stolen. The expensive pumps are in high demand because of the perennial scarcity of water in most parts of the area. Many residents have resorted to sinking boreholes to obtain the precious commodity and petty thieves have taken advantage of the situation and have gone as far as cutting of the padlocks and stealing them in broad daylight. The residents are now appealing for government protection following the rampant cases of insecurity in the area with at least five families having reported losing their pumps. Ngewa Ward acting Chief James Gitau said he has received complaints but because of lack of exhibits, they have been unable to hand over the suspects to the police for prosecution. It is suspected that most of the thefts are carried out by the youths, who are unemployed but were reluctant to seek employment from coffee and tea plantations in the area. The chief warned residents to refrain from buying second hand pumps from people as most of them are stolen from innocent villagers. He put the thieves on notice saying their days were numbered and the security personnel will catch up with them in their criminal business. Esther Njeri, a resident said her pump was stolen after thieves cut the padlock when she had gone to her farm. “When I returned home, I found the borehole lid and the pump missing,” she said. -KNA

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