Women group sues seeking revocation of Nominations list

Women Candidates Network Kenya (WOCAN-Kenya) wants the process suspended and all party lists prepared and submitted to IEBC revoked. Interim secretary general Catherine Omayo said the party lists were formed and submitted pursuant to “unconstitutional sections 34(9) and 35 of the Elections Act”. Discriminatory law She said the provisions are discriminatory as they exclude women who participated in the party primaries and election and lost from being nominated. “The law should not discriminate against them by virtue of their participation in competitive politics by denying them opportunity for nomination to party list,” she said. Through lawyer Gitobu Imanyara (pictured), the women want the court to declare the two sections of the Elections Act unconstitutional. The women argue the purpose of the nomination on the party list is to take care of special groups, marginalised group and especially women who have suffered historical injustices in an environment of patriarchal society. “The effect of the provision is to discriminate against women and other marginalised members who have atleast made an attempt to represent the party in the General Election, but as democracy would have it, they lost,” said Omayo.

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