This website lets you log in with a dick pic

Technology has advanced so much, giving us the ability to use fingerprints and retina scans to log into our different accounts.

Website Camsoda has taken that to a new level, though, creating tech that allows you to log into their site with a dick pic.

They’re calling it ‘Dickometrics Penis Verification’ and they say it works best with erect penises, as they have more discernible features.

You start by uploading a picture of your member to the site, then each new time you log in, simply show your peen and you’re good to go.

The site is a webcam platform where users can stream sexually explicit content, and they’ve also been in the press for other bizarre PR stunts like creating a mask that lets you experience smells when watching virtual reality porn.

They also faked a shark attack with an adult film star, in a strange attempt to go viral.

This website lets you log in with a dick pic
This website lets you log in with a dick pic

Darren Press, Camsoda’s VP says about their Dickometrics feature, ‘Like a fingerprint and an eyeball, which are two of most commonly used body parts in biometric technologies, the penis has many, many differentiating factors like size, color, and vein protrusion.’

‘However, unlike fingerprints and eyeballs, penises are not exposed to the public a lot of the time and mostly kept under clothing and shared with loved ones – presumably who are trusted.’

We’re not sure how accurate this would be – or practical.

Logging in anywhere other than the privacy of your own room, for example, would be a nightmare.

As of yet, they haven’t announced a similar version for females, but apparently that’s in the pipeline.