The Presidential Debate: As it happened with Raila Odinga

The debate was organized by Debates Media Limited and it was broadcast by all mainstream televisions, radios, and websites in Kenya. The second tier of the debate was expected to be a battle between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader, Hon. Raila Odinga. However, President Kenyatta snubbed the debate, giving his opponent all the time to present to tell Kenyans what he has to offer if elected as President. Here are the transcribed proceedings of the debate.

  1. Raila:

    I am running because of my commitment to change this country.

    I represent change.

  2. Raila:

    Unemployment stands at 40 per cent.

    We believe we can turn things around by instilling fiscal discipline.

  3. Cost of living

    Raila Odinga: Majority of Kenyans are hurting and the cost of living has shot up

  4. On the issue of housing

    Mr. Odinga says the issue of housing hasn’t been sufficiently addressed.

    The Law Restriction Act is meant to protect the poor against landlords but it has not been enforced.

    We are going to enforce the Act

  5. Raila: We are here to debate on issues affecting Kenyans and solutions to these issues

  6. Raila:

    Kenya is being isolated by her neighbours due to poor leadership.

  7. On Kenyans jailed in South Sudan

    Mr. Odinga says Kenyans is South Sudanese jails have not heard a fair trial.

    As a president I will ensure they get a fair trial in accordance with international standards.

  8. Tallying centre

    We have a tallying centre in Kenya.

  9. On rigging claims

    I’ve not been crying wolf; Kenyans know the truth.

    The National Intelligence Service must desist from interfering with the electoral process.

  10. Linus Kaikai (left) and Joe Ageyo are moderating the debate with Mr. Odinga

  11. On criticism of institutions

    I do not criticize institutions negatively. I do what we call constructive criticism.

    My criticism of institutions is not negative but rather constructive criticism.

  12. On IEBC Mr. Odinga says:

    There is nothing wrong with this IEBC.

    Problem is they retained the old secretariat

  13. On Al-Shabaab menace

    Our mission (of sending troops to Somalia) was to liberate Kismayu which we did.

    We said that we need to withdraw our troops strategically to the border.

    If I’m president…I’ll lead from the front.

  14. Withdraw troops strategically

    Raila Odinga: We need to withdraw our troops strategically from Somalia, seal our border and increase our intelligence

  15. The second part of the debate starts with discussion on national unity

  16. Mr. Odinga is questioned on his statement on land matters in Kajiado.

    He says he meant every word he said.

  17. Pastoralists don’t have to be poor

    Raila Odinga: Ordinary pastoralists don’t have to be poor, but because we haven’t managed it properly. KMC is almost dead

  18. Raila:

    Pastoralists are poor because of poor management.

    They should not be forced to sell their land to make ends meet.

  19. Raila: (Kajiado remarks) I never said people should leave Kajiado. I said we will deal with poverty so they don’t sell their land

  20. TJRC report

    Mr. Odinga says a Nasa government will implement the recommendations of the TJRC report.

  21. Raila Odinga says there should be no interference with social media

    Raila Odinga: Social media is a free media. I don’t want to interfere with their freedom of expression

  22. Raila Odinga:

    Corruption exists virtually in every country.

    The difference is that action is taken against people involved (in some countries)

  23. Audience questions


    We will devolve more resources to counties from 15% to 45%

    We will set up industrial parks in all the 47 counties.

    We will address the issue of food production to be able to provide for our ever-expanding population.

  24. Mr. Odinga says if elected president, his first priority will be reducing the cost of living.

  25. Priority number one

    Raila Odinga: The issue of putting food on the table and reducing cost of living is our number 1 priority

  26. On women representation:

    If you vote nasa we will pass laws that will promote women representation

  27. Raila Odinga: As Nasa we were committed to ensure the 2/3rds law passed but Jubilee denied us, vote in more Nasa MPs

  28. Raila: We have not held this country hostage as (Odinga and Kenyatta) families

    I came to politics alone and have stayed (in politics) out of my conviction.

    I was involved in the second liberation not because of my father but for what I believed in.

  29. Raila:

    Jaramogi was a freedom fighter who fought for the release of Kenyatta.

    They earned their positions. It wasn’t an entitlement.

  30. Raila:

    If Uhuru calls me a madman I don’t think he means it. It’s just that the kitchen is too hot for him

  31. On peace during elections Mr Odinga says:

    Kenyans have a constitutional right to participate in these elections.

    I’ve urged our supporters to stay put..

    They will be no violence in Kenya.

    IEBC has assured us that the elections will be free and fair.

    We want these elections to be won fairly; we want to win fairly.

    In the unlikely event of us losing, we will congratulate Jubilee.

  32. Raila:

    We are on the blink of history as Kenyans.

    I’m sure at the end of the day Kenyans are going to be victorious.

  33. Mr Odinga concludes with the words “Asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani.”

  34. We have come to the end of the days live blog.

    Thanks for staying with us.

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