Justin Bieber banned: In China, he’s performer non grata

Justin Bieber, your bad-boy reputation is not welcome in China.

Its culture bureau has banned the “Love Yourself” singer from performing in the country, citing his “controversial” nature and “bad behavior,” both foreign and domestic, as inappropriate imports.

Guess Beijing didn’t buy into the Biebs’ image-rehabilitation campaign?

The comments come from a translation of a memo posted this week on the culture bureau’s website in response to a fan who demanded an explanation for Bieber’s unwelcome status.

While not citing specific examples of unacceptable behavior, a person could safely assume that Beijing had in mind some headline-making incidents like the pee-in-a-bucket thing in London, the loud-fun-in-a-Ferrari thing in Miami and the $81,000-egging thing in Calabasas.

Or maybe the 2013 thing where he was photographed being toted up the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of a pair of bodyguards on its own was enough to brand him persona non grata.

Quick, someone send ’em footage from the Comedy Central roast, and maybe a few of the better cuts from his “Purpose” album. After all, he said he was “Sorry,” and in America, that’s what reputation rehab looks like.

Until then, Beijing hopes Bieber is, according to the Guardian, “able to improve his conduct as he grows up and will once again find public favor.”

Anyway, while Bieber’s current world tour won’t be available to fans in mainland China, he still has lots of Asia at his disposal in late September and early October. The show will go on — for now, at least — in Tokyo, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia.


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