‘Life covfefes at you fast’: Donald Trump’s unfinished tweet ignites the internet

Donald Trump left the internet hanging on Tuesday night. The president clearly wanted to get something off his chest around midnight and so turned to his favourite medium – Twitter.

Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Mr Trump started tweeting.

Whether it was fatigue after a long day in the Oval Office, or a fury over the press which he seemed to wish to rail against once more – Mr Trump was unable to complete his train of thought.

Donald Trump's unfinished tweet
Donald Trump’s unfinished tweet CREDIT: TWITTER

The unfinished tweet sent Twitter into a frenzy.

This is the moment he became President,” one journalist, Zack Bornstein, tweeted.

I was about to go to bed but I guess i have to stare at this covfefe tweet until it goes away now,” Ashley Feinberg said.

The reporter wouldn’t get much sleep, it seemed. After two hours, the mysterious tweet remained and, with more than 70,000 retweets, was fast becoming one of the president’s most shared posts.

As the tweet went viral, so did the trolling as jokes about the error started trending.

@jimmykimmel tweeted: “what makes me saddest is that I know I’ll never write anything funnier than

@TheAmazingBeck tweeted:

[Spelling Bee]

JUDGE: “Your word is Covfefe.”
KID: “Can…can you use it in a sentence?”
JUDGE: “No, no I don’t think that’s possible.”

@drclawb tweeted: Grab them by the

“A scene from the inevitable feature film adaptation of tonight’s events. We’ll probably call it , with the hashtag, because fuck it”

@McJesse tweeted:

Maybe Covfefe is Trump’s safeword and he’s finally telling us he’s had enough.

Life covfefes at you fast

 Then the GIFs appeared….

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When she hit you up for and chill

Donald Trump and his staff fighting over his phone right now.

Prince’s first draft of “Little Red Covfefe” not nearly as catchy…

During the campaign Mr Trump used Twitter as his main means of communicating with voters and he decided to continue the habit in the White House.

However, it has apparently concerned some of his staff and the White House is reportedly considering asking lawyers to vet Mr Trump’s tweets.


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