KMPDU calls off 100-day strike

The 100 days of pain, anguish and death is over, doctors yesterday evening called off their industrial strike bringing an end to months of uncertainty anger and despair which will forever go down in the Kenyan history as the darkest days in its post-colonial era.

Just hours before the state of the nation presidential address, doctor’s officials, government official from the ministry of health led by the Cabinet secretary of Health, Dr. Cleopa Mailu and council of governor’s officials signed the return back to work formula with the inter-religious council among the witnesses.

Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) officials marching on the streets of Nairobi flanked by doctors demanding for better pay. (courtesy)

Immediately after the deal was inked, Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) secretary general, Ouma Oluga summarily called off the strike and directed doctors to immediately report back to work.

“The strike is hereby called off” Oluga said amid celebration from doctors and Kenyans alike.

Dr, Mailu on his part said the industrial strike will forever remain a black spot in the Kenyan history.

 “Those 100 days will remain as black pages in the history of medical practice in this country  indeed so black that we can count across the world we will be ranked so highly and that is not a legacy we are proud of”  the CS stated.

Doctors went on strike last year demanding higher wages and better working conditions. (courtesy)

Speaking on behalf of governors, COG chairman Peter Munya said the industrial dispute provides painful lessons the country should never repeat.

“This brings to an end one of the most painful experiences in the labor relations of this country” Munya said.

As a result of the back to work formula doctors who took part in the 100 day strike will not be victimized and doctors who had been fired will have their dismissal rescinded.

After 100 days, doctors walk away with half of what there were demanding for all along. (courtesy)

After 100 days, doctors walk away with half of what there were demanding for all along but with the signing and expected implementation of their revised 2013 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) doctors feel they have won the first battle in many to come.

The return to work agreement to be backdated to January 1, will see for instance the lowest paid doctor earn between Sh196,244 to Sh206,214 monthly, while the highest paid will earn between Sh442,060 and Sh592,980 respectively.

About 2,500 public health institutions were affected by the strike leading to tens of Kenyans dying. (ibmtimes)

However even as Kenyans heave a sigh of relief at the resumption of normal health services at back of their minds they must be thinking did it really have to take 100 days to reach an agreement, did  it have to take tens of Kenyans to die before human conscience hit all the parties involved, Did it?

More details of the agreement to follow.

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