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Maseno School students riot over Principal’s interdiction

Police say that the students have chaotically disrupted learning in the institution, chanting and now demand that the principal be reinstated in the institution. 

There is a heavy police presence in Maseno National School to quell the unrest amongst students who are protesting the interdiction of their school principal by education officials in the county on Tuesday evening.

Police have said that the students have chaotically disrupted learning in the institution, chanting and now demand that the principal be reinstated in the institution.

Paul Otula was on Tuesday send packing, pending investigations, following claims that a Form One student was sodomised by senior students in January.

Otula was immediately replaced by neighbouring Homa Bay High School Principal Andrew Bwuop.

Education officials in Maseno have been investigating a claim made by a 16-year-old student in January that he had been sodomised by senior students in the school.

Interdicted Principal of Maseno School (Courtesy)

The student’s claim, which caused a public stir, a school captain and two others, had sexually molested him.

“Not only was the boy beaten, but he was also sodomised. We took him to Maseno Mission Hospital where he was treated before reporting to Maseno Police Station on January 24. I have all the documents,” said a guardian.

However, Kisumu West Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Wilston Mwakio, on Tuesday said the boy had only reported that he was beaten.

“He reported that he was molested at night. Molestation is a general term, so when the officer recording the statement asked whether he was being beaten he affirmed. The officer took the case as assault,” said the OCPD.

A statement at the station’s occurrence book reads: “….was molested by the school captain. On January 18, 2017 he was taken to Maseno Mission Hospital. It was reported but the school administration has taken no action. Case was referred to the office of gender and education.”

Kisumu County director of Education Sabina Arori said she had dispatched five officers to investigate the matter at the school.

According to Wilston Mwakio, the boy’s case was intricate because he had neither reported of the molestation to the school nor at the police station.

“When we saw the matter about sodomy trending on social media, we called the school to find out. The deputy principal did not know that the parent came to report at the station and also did not know about the issue of sodomy,” said Mwakio in January when the case was reported.

Last month, there was a public outcry in the country’s leading public national school, Alliance High, where claims of bullying were reported. The principal of Alliance High has already resigned.

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