Chief Justice David Maraga condemns Duale over Justice Odunga remarks

Chief Justice David Maraga has expressed his anger over remarks made by the Majority leader of Parliament, Hon. Aden Duale. This comes after Mr. Duale threatened to introduce a motion to parliament to oust the Judge. According to Duale, Justice Odunga is partial and is being used by the opposition to frustrate the government through his controversial rulings.

Speaking in Justice Odunga’s defense, CJ Maraga stated:

“I strongly condemn the utterances and threats of Duale which fly in the face of the rule of law and civil conduct of leaders of a constitutional democracy such as Kenya….Odunga has been a major factor in the transformation of Kenya’s judiciary, and the international respect and acclaim the institution has continued to draw, has been in part contributed by [his] decisions and conduct….This is what we owe the Kenyan public, as well as to our oaths of office….I believe in the principle of interdependence and collaboration… but only if… within the framework of mutual respect, constitutionalism and engagement”

In  statement on Wednesday, Duale had alleged that Raila was afraid of the August 8, 2017 general elections. The opposition team led by Rt. Hon. former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga have declared war against the election laws amendments passed in a controversial sitting.

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