I have never met Kabura- Mutahi Ngunyi

Celebrated political analysts Mutahi Ngunyi on Tuesday morning appeared before the Public Accounts Commitee (PAC) to answer claims on his possible involvement in the NYS scandal. Ngunyi dismissed Kabura’s affidavit that linked him to the scandal in which the country lost 800 million shillings.

Kabura’s affidavit implicated several prominent people including former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru. Nguyi told the commitee that he has never met Kabura and that the claims launched against him by her affidavit are lame.

“She is a fascinating specimen I would want to meet but no, I have never met her…I can swear… Bring me the bible…Corruption at NYS corrupts back. They overpaid me with the intention that I would keep the money.” -Mutahi Ngunyi.

Apparently, Ngunyi received more than Ksh. 25 million as a consultant for the 5 point Vision Strategy. He indicated that on Monday, he returned the excess money to the central bank.

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