Onyonka: Kisiis are politically naive and immature

Kitutu Chache South Member of Parliament hon Richard Momoima Onyonka has said Kisiis are politically immature and still naive to make independent choices of their own.

Speaking on Radio Citizen, – Kenya’s most listened Radio – Onyonka added that those opposing their recent visit to State House are vision-less, and intellectually shortsighted.

Onyonka’s remarks come barely a month after former CIC chief Charles Nyachae said on Egesa FM that those Kisiis opposing “Obomo Bwomogusii” stupid fools and madmen.

Asked why the entire Gusii was fiercely opposed to the Obure-led State House trip, forcing them to denounce claims that they had defected to Jubilee, Hon Onyonka said that Abagusii have not yet opened their political eyes and that they are still naive to an extent of being misled by Governor Ongwae and his team.

I really feel for Kisiis because they are so credulous and majority of them still naive to an extent of being misused by every Tom Dick and Harry. Our people have not yet matured politically but we are working round the clock to ensure we help them open their eyes” Said Onyonka while responding to a question.

We are in ODM and we have not defected but when the right time comes when our people want us to shift, who are we to say no? we shall go” He said.

The governor and his team have succeeded to hoodwink and mislead Abagusii. They have successfully turned all Kisiis against us but we shall not go to sleep until we manage to convince our people” Added Onyonka.

Onyonka’s remarks have triggered reactions on social media with people descending on him with insults and complaints.

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