Will Miguna Miguna beat Sonko in Nairobi race? Find out

By Dikembe Disembe

Miguna Miguna wants to be Nairobi Governor. The author of ‘Peeling Back the Mask’, with a domicile in Canada where he plies his trade, jets in once in a while with a single purpose of serving a gallon of invectives on his political nemeses.

He has a number of interesting things to say. If you watch JKL, then you will laugh, and when your ribs are about to break, you will start to cry.

Okay. Miguna Miguna wants to be Nairobi governor. His campaign strategy? Dressing down his rivals. Rationale? Kenyans are so stupid and backward that your electability is often hinged on if you can dish out some good dose of invectives, at least according to Miguna.

If indeed that is how Nairobians vote, then without a doubt our next governor is Miguna Miguna. The list of those who’ve fallen victim to his sharp tongue is long: Johnson Sakaja, Evans Kidero, Sonko, Raila, Makau Mutua, et al.

It is a medical impossibility for Miguna Miguna to open his mouth without a string of invectives dripping off his gob. And he wants to be Nairobi governor. The man is very much convinced he has your vote. Miguna, he of the ‘come, baby come’ fame, has a range of diatribes for every other person, and a rainbow of accolades for himself. So highly does he think of himself to the point of comparing himself to Raila Odinga.

Here is my two-cent:

In case Miguna Miguna you are reading this, please, take that money you hope to use in your campaign and build a five star hotel in the city because there isn’t even a scintilla of likelihood that you will be Nairobi governor. Why?

1. People don’t vote credentials; they vote leaders. Leaders are charismatic. Leaders are humble. Leaders measure their utterances.

2. People hate and disdain arrogant, self-important people given to grandiosity. You seem too elitist and that is off-putting for a typical Kenyan voter.

3. You based your practice in Canada- for reasons well-known to you. You pay your taxes in Canada. You have done so little to our country. We’ve been crying of brain-drain as the major cause of underdevelopment.

4. You do not have a solid constituency of voters. First off, you understand how our politics is intertwined with tribalism. Let’s dispense with a few facts: 75 percent of Raila supporters are not going to support you for denigrating Raila and his people. Raila’s supporters make almost half of Nairobi. Besides, they have Kidero. 80 percent of Jubilee supporters are not going to support you for the simple reason they have their man- either Sakaja, Sonko, or Bishop Wanjiru. The facts are more distressing as you go down.

Therefore, my unsolicited counsel to lawyer Miguna Miguna is that you make for comic relief. Beyond that, you are a walking disaster. You can do well in a professional position, for example, determining policy, but not a politician. But again, you can join forces with Churchill Ndambuki- you can help kid’s corner with mchongoano.

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