Outside Source: ODM’s Isaac Mwaura is defecting to Jubilee. What does this mean to Raila’s camp??

ODM stalwarts feel scandalized. They cannot understand why and how ODM-nominated MP could defect to Jubilee when he was literally plucked from the ashes, where he was wallowing in insignificance, and brought to prominence, until he was able to even get a wife, a hitherto unattainable feat.

I am not surprised. To be fair to Isaac Mwaura, that was a ‘necessary move.’ First off, let it sink in your minds that he was nominated. There were zilch chances that he could be nominated again in 2017. And if he won’t be nominated, it only means that the only way he is going to make it to parliament is through winning an election. But he comes from Ruiru. Ruiru in Kiambu. There you cannot win if you are pro-opposition. There ODM has zilch chances of winning an election, to be honest.

As you can imagine, he was in a dilemma. To win an election in Ruiru Constituency meant that he had to unseat Esther Gathogo, the current member. But to do that he has to be in JAP. As most of you would do in similar circumstances, he decamped- went to JAP. In other words, he went home.

But his defection is a statement of what ails our politics: it is devoid of principle and is interlaced with private ambitions. There aren’t enough altruistic men and women who will stand with and for an idea that is for general good even in the face of adversity or misfortune. These politicians, most of them, have a price tag on the lapel of their jackets.

As an eagle covers its young ones under its mighty wings, Raila took Isaac Mwaura when he was literally nothing, washed away the shame and stigma of Albinism, gave him a platform, and let him to shine. But as others before him, the man is leaving the party that made him a ‘man’.

Hon Mwaura joins a long line of people Raila has mentored but who would later turn their back on him: Moses Kuria, Senior Counsel Abdullahi, etc. His defection only serves to bolster the view that Mt. Kenya politicians are all traitors. And that is why William Ruto should be very cautious.
But who didn’t see Isaac Mwaura decamping?

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