“Date preps can be stressful”- Lady narrates her experience

For many girls, shaving is an integral part of any date preparation. Not that it’s a requirement by anyone’s standards – a man should want to date a woman whether she’s got hair on her legs or not – but some women tend to feel more confident about the date progressing if they’re fuzz-free.

So it’s not uncommon for a woman to spend a few hours getting ready; showering, shaving, selecting and outfit and perfecting her make-up. Which is why we can relate SO much to this one girl’s experience.

Readying herself for a night out with her boyfriend, the girl shaved – only to be told by her other half that he could no longer make it. You WHAT? All that time, WASTED? Yeah, you’ve probably been there.

The unnamed woman uploaded a series of screenshots of her response to her boyfriend’s cancellation on Imgur, writing: “PSA: Please give an hours warning, minimum”.

Too bloody right.

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