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Politics Explained: What statements by Kabogo, Munya and Njoroge on Ruto’s 2022 Presidential support mean – The Nairobi Observer Press "Enter" to skip to content

Politics Explained: What statements by Kabogo, Munya and Njoroge on Ruto’s 2022 Presidential support mean

By Sam Nyang’u

Governor Kabogo said it, Governor Munya said it, Senator Njoroge, said it. It can’t be an accident for sure. Interestingly, Senator Njoroge used the word “blackmail”, which for me is the key word! There must be millions of Central residents saying it. The mbura is out of the okapu. (The Cat is out of the bag)

Question must be; Why now? Why when there is still an election to win in 2017? Don’t they still need him? Why antagonise him so early? If the “blackmail” is in reference to the martial threat posed by Kalenjins in the RV in the event of a betrayal, what have they done to get enough guarantees that this threat is now no more? For me, there are just five possibilities;

1. That NIS and Jubilee strategists have confirmed Ruto is running in 2017 and feel no need to babysit him for the remaining 14 months. The Ruto choppers and alleged campaign war chest cannot be for 2022, six years away!

2. That TNA has settled on a new DP for 2017 and are cutting this one loose. The new one not only has to be Kalenjin, but has to be able to neutralise the threat of violence posed by disenchanted Ruto supporters. That can only be someone with wide networks in the Kalenjin security apparatus; a Moi.

3. That TNA feels the threat of violence has been neutralised by enough Kikuyunisation of the armed forces and another PEV in the RV is no longer possible.

4. That the larger Kikuyu community never ever got around to accepting this deal and the truth is just coming out.

5. That there is already in place a deal with another “safer” tribe to replace the Kalenjin. This would require a tribal block with enough numbers and political clout. Only one tribe fits; The Luo! Recent happenings, though unrelated, might point to a secret deal in the offing!

So the next time another Kikuyu leader tells Ruto to go to hell, I will start monitoring Baba very closely. Something is cooking.

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