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Why you should dump someone for being bad in bed

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it – giving someone the boot just because the sex isn’t up to scratch? But I firmly believe that if your sex life is crap then you need to start looking elsewhere. Pack your bags and set your sights on a sexier future. Sex matters because it’s a cornerstone of any intimate relationship […]

Are mismatched sex drives a relationship deal breaker?

By Lee Hurley You’ve met the perfect partner. They make you laugh, you have tons in common, they are sweet and thoughtful but there’s just one itty, bitty problem – you want sex, sex, sex all the time and they just aren’t that bothered. Perhaps your partner seems to want sex every minute of the […]

Help, I’m in Love With Three Women

Which one should I be with? Dear E. Jean: I’m a guy in love with three women. First, there’s my second ex-wife. We had the greatest sex and tons of fun, but we also fought over everything and nothing. She’s living with a guy, but she recently confessed that she’s not happy, that I still […]

Why I Slept With a Married Man, and What I Learned

“He’s nothing but a constant reminder of all the mistakes I made.”  Ask any heartbroken partner from a relationship split apart due to infidelity: Affairs can be bad news. That being said, they’re also complicated, and often blamed on the evil “home-wrecking” woman, who surely must be out to steal someone’s man and cause as […]