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Broken hearts can cause same long-term damage as heart attacks

By Miranda Larbi If you’ve ever been broken hearted, you’ll know the dull pang of sorrow well. It can feel like your heart is swollen, like you’ve been eight rounds with Anthony Joshua. And now it turns out that being broken hearted really does do damage to the heart. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or ‘broken heart syndrome’, […]

Help, I’m in Love With Three Women

Which one should I be with? Dear E. Jean: I’m a guy in love with three women. First, there’s my second ex-wife. We had the greatest sex and tons of fun, but we also fought over everything and nothing. She’s living with a guy, but she recently confessed that she’s not happy, that I still […]

Losing the Scarf Helped Me Let Go of the Marriage

By Lifestyle Observer The loss of a simple item of clothing called up the pain of losses I thought I had already accepted. Sometimes, when you’ve owned and loved something for many years, you begin to worry a little every time you use it. As if the longer you manage to keep it, the more […]