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23 ways sex is different when it’s with someone you love

Ah, sex. In films and TV shows, the hottest sex is usually shown as the preserve of one night stands and friends finally revealing that they fancy each other after months of secretive stares and flirty chat. Being in love with someone – as in, loving them after getting to know them, having a relationship […]

What to do if your partner puts their ex’s feelings above yours when it comes to social media

There comes a point in every relationship where you want to share a picture of your SO on social media. Perhaps it’s a cute picture of you both at dinner, on holiday or having a drink. You look good, they look handsome – why not slap on a good filter and show the world that […]

“Date preps can be stressful”- Lady narrates her experience

For many girls, shaving is an integral part of any date preparation. Not that it’s a requirement by anyone’s standards – a man should want to date a woman whether she’s got hair on her legs or not – but some women tend to feel more confident about the date progressing if they’re fuzz-free.