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The Much Needed Signal From Kenneth Matiba, Even In His Death

By Golbert O Kenya While agitating for multiparty democracy Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba was put in detention without trial. In the coolers, the man suffered a nasty stroke which permanently altered his life, eventually rendering him vegetative. All his businesses were also maliciously sabotaged by the unforgiving KANU regime. Very few men can be willing […]

Speculation on Uhuru, Ruto relationship misleading

The media have been awash with claims of rift between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto over new Cabinet composition. The duo denied the reports. This is not the first time there have been reports that the two leaders are not reading from the same script. It all started after they won the […]

Politicising crucial issues hurting our economy

By Kibet Benard Democracy, and by extension good governance, presupposes the capacity of political leadership to engage in reasoned debate, informed decision making and measured judgements. Democracy has been described as a dangerous and probably the worst worst form of government. Democracy requires that those who have authority use it for the public good. A democratic […]

Voting is everyone’s right but not life and death matter

By Prof Levi Obonyo Why should voting be a matter of life and death in Kenya? It is not mandatory by law. During last week’s repeat presidential election the media displayed images of old and sick people, some carried on the backs of their caregivers while patients walked out of hospitals in their hospital clothes, […]

The 3 questions to be answered regarding Chris Musando’s death: The Observer’s Monologue

Chris Musando is dead, and like most Kenyan’s who believe that someone had a hand in his demise, I cannot fathom the network of individuals and the fire that may have been behind his painful exit from his Anniversary Towers’ job. Musando’s death is not a surprise to most liberal thinkers because it is almost obvious […]

What cushioning the aged mean to the Kenyan economy

An approximated Sh. 24 billion per year will be chopped off the national budget to cushion the aged in Kenya. The stash of cash will be needed to finance a plan to give stipends and pay medical insurance for people above 70 years, National Treasury Mr Henry Rotich said when he presented his budget. Rotich […]

Trump’s first major test as travel ban uproar spreads

Donald Trump faced mass protests worldwide Sunday over his ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries entering the United States, in a backlash that poses an enormous test for his administration. The measures, introduced just one week after he took office, were criticized by allies, caused confusion among border guards and galvanized Democrats looking for […]

Kenya’s refusal to agree to the demands of striking doctors is making the country sick

The corridors of the Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya’s oldest hospital, and its largest teaching and referral institution, are deserted and empty. That’s because of the doctors’ strike, which has now lasted a record 52 days–and with no end in sight. The striking medical practitioners want a 300% pay rise from their current $1,350 monthly salary […]

US Presidential Election Results: LIVE COVERAGE

US Presidential Election Results LIVE Coverage By Sam Nyang’u, The Nairobi Observer Washington (The Nairobi Observer)-Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wait for voters’ verdict. Follow all the latest here with live updates and analysis. Live Results 270 needed to win Clinton At Stake Trump 232 0 306 Final Result Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump won the […]

Obama’s not on the ballot – but his legacy is

The outcome of Tuesday’s grueling White House battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could determine how the history books remember President Obama, with his legacy on the line as one candidate vows to dismantle the outgoing president’s signature policies and the other pledges to protect his agenda.