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What men expects from ladies in a relationship.

Loving in a stable relationship is every man’s and every lady’s desire but what does it take to stay in there? That’s what forms the basis of my opinion this moment and I want to outline what men in relationships and dating expect of their other significant halves. First, let us take a typical example […]

Why you should dump someone for being bad in bed

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it – giving someone the boot just because the sex isn’t up to scratch? But I firmly believe that if your sex life is crap then you need to start looking elsewhere. Pack your bags and set your sights on a sexier future. Sex matters because it’s a cornerstone of any intimate relationship […]

Are mismatched sex drives a relationship deal breaker?

By Lee Hurley You’ve met the perfect partner. They make you laugh, you have tons in common, they are sweet and thoughtful but there’s just one itty, bitty problem – you want sex, sex, sex all the time and they just aren’t that bothered. Perhaps your partner seems to want sex every minute of the […]

Broken hearts can cause same long-term damage as heart attacks

By Miranda Larbi If you’ve ever been broken hearted, you’ll know the dull pang of sorrow well. It can feel like your heart is swollen, like you’ve been eight rounds with Anthony Joshua. And now it turns out that being broken hearted really does do damage to the heart. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or ‘broken heart syndrome’, […]

This website lets you log in with a dick pic

Technology has advanced so much, giving us the ability to use fingerprints and retina scans to log into our different accounts. Website Camsoda has taken that to a new level, though, creating tech that allows you to log into their site with a dick pic. They’re calling it ‘Dickometrics Penis Verification’ and they say it […]

Which is worse: Physical cheating or emotional cheating?

  Not only is it incredibly heartbreaking for the person who’s been cheated on, but it can also affect that person’s trust – with that betrayal leading to other issues down the line, such as not being able to accept it when staying in the same relationship or being unable to trust future partners. There […]

23 ways sex is different when it’s with someone you love

Ah, sex. In films and TV shows, the hottest sex is usually shown as the preserve of one night stands and friends finally revealing that they fancy each other after months of secretive stares and flirty chat. Being in love with someone – as in, loving them after getting to know them, having a relationship […]

What to do if your partner puts their ex’s feelings above yours when it comes to social media

There comes a point in every relationship where you want to share a picture of your SO on social media. Perhaps it’s a cute picture of you both at dinner, on holiday or having a drink. You look good, they look handsome – why not slap on a good filter and show the world that […]

Twenty-somethings cheat because we’re trying to figure out who we truly are, says study

Noticed that your early twenties seem to be filled with f***bois and, well, generally awful people intent on tearing your heart to shreds? There’s a reason for that. A new study sheds some light on why early twenty-somethings tend to be a bit sh*t at staying faithful – it’s because our lives are in shambles, we’re figuring […]

Photo series explores the wonderful world of swinging

David went to a mix of small gatherings and huge hotel parties Ever wondered what happens at a swingers party? No, it’s not just keys in a bowl and giggling while you smooch your neighbour. Photographer and author David Haslam has spent eight months documenting swinger culture in southeast Michigan, after being welcomed into a […]