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Mugo wa Wairimu’s “maternity” joke lands him in trouble

Mugo wa Wairimu has just hit the headlines again for defending himself in court hilariously. While defending himself this morning for not attending a hearing session, Mugo claimed he was in a maternity ward attending to his patient at the time his case was being heard. The fake doctor presented documentations

Exposed: WhatsApp chat showing a foreign force seducing her employee revealed

By Sam Nyang’u Sexual immorality at the workplace is no longer considered news. The recent months have witnessed cases of sexual harassment and infidelity in corporates.

Do you remember Savi from “Mistresses”? Here is her breast feeding experience that stole global attention

Alyssa Milano is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by proudly sharing an intimate photo (or two) of herself nursing on Instagram!

Popular “Bungoma Hangman” given free flight to Nairobi

Wanyonyi Saleh, popularly known as the Bungoma James Bond has today boarded a plane to Nairobi, thanks to Joseph Waso, a businessman who offered to make his dream come true.

Things you need to know about Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter

If you were going to groom a member of the Trump family for politics, your first instinct wouldn’t necessarily be to pick Donald Trump — a 70-year-old with outrageous wealth and a penchant for saying outrageously racist things.

Observer Poll: Which is your favorite Cadbury Chocolate bar? Find out what people love

Although we’ve done some serious research on what your choice of chocolate bar says about you, sometimes it’s a gut decision. We’ve drilled down the five classics of chocolate – namely Crunchie, Star Bar