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Round two wannabe politicians

The Friday Supreme Court ruling on the Presidential election was welcomed with varied reactions. On one side of the political divide were excited folks who broke into jubilation (pardon the pun) once the ruling was read. This group of happy folks was also joined by wannabe campus politicians who for the entire of this year […]

Kasiva & Karmen in Coke Studio

Two of Kenya’s leading female instrumentalists: TED Global 2017 fellow, Kasiva Mutua, (Percussionist) and Olive Karmen (Drummer) are set to debut on this year’s Coke Studio Africa as part of the show’s live band. This is the first time Coke Studio Africa has featured female instrumentalists. The two have both grown tremendously in their careers. […]

Ardent Uhuru supporter taken ill after Supreme Court ruling

A Nyeri businessman who claims to have spent more than Sh13 million to campaign for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection says he will not relent until the incumbent wins the repeat election ordered by the Supreme Court. Ephantus Thuku told the media that he fainted in his car while driving to Mombasa when he heard the […]

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4: 7 questions we have after watching The Spoils Of War

Warning: Contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones season seven. Are we allowed to breathe yet? This week’s episode turned into a surprise budget splurge packing humour, dragon warfare and one hell of a cliffhanger. It seems season seven isn’t planning to slow down anytime soon, with The Spoils Of War managing to tightly pack huge […]

The 3 Israelites who won’t make it to Raila’s Canaan: The Observer’s Monologue

The Nasarites are soo ready to join the caravan to the much hyped ‘Canaan ya Joshua.” With popular hashtags like #AdoptABusStation and #RaiLonzoNaneNane killing our boredom on traffic jams every evening, I just can’t stop guessing the faces we could see in the probable Canaan government. This Canaan is not for everyone, and here are […]

Identity of woman killed alongside Chris Msando revealed

The identity of the woman who was killed alongside Chris Msando has now been revealed. The 21 year old Caroline Ngumbu was a friend of the IEBC ICT manager. According to her sister Jedida Wanjiku, Caroline had told her that she was meeting Msando for a few drinks on Friday at around 7 pm. Caroline […]

Photo series explores the wonderful world of swinging

David went to a mix of small gatherings and huge hotel parties Ever wondered what happens at a swingers party? No, it’s not just keys in a bowl and giggling while you smooch your neighbour. Photographer and author David Haslam has spent eight months documenting swinger culture in southeast Michigan, after being welcomed into a […]

Passenger endures awkward Uber ride as driver ‘gets blowjob from sex worker’

An Uber passenger claims he had to watch a sex worker give a blowjob to his driver during their ride. Aner Manuel said he was stuck in the Uber for two miles while what he claimed was an intoxicated prostitute groped and performed oral sex on the driver, who has not been named. The mortified […]

Why do so many women still hate getting oral sex?

Monday’s episode of Game of Thrones finally gave us the badass feminist sex scene that we’d been waiting for.  *Game Of Thrones SPOILERS ahead, you have been warned* It was like after six seasons of women being thrown around, taken from behind* and very often, raped, the showrunners decided to throw us a bone. *Nothing […]

An insight into Vera Sidika’s pregnancy drama with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend

The ex-boyfriend to Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, OriYomi Johnson has come forward to allege that the socialite aborted their baby leading to their messy breakup. Recall that the Nigerian businessman based in Dubai had been all over the Kenyan socialite social media page until recently when she took to her social media page to confirm […]