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The 1 health fix you should add to your morning routine

We chatted with nutritionists, personal trainers, and yoga teachers about their top morning habits that set a healthy tone for the day. Give these five easy tips a try to make your day that much healthier—and enjoyable! Drink a glass of water. “We all wake up slightly dehydrated,” says Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, a dietitian in New […]

Woman streams her own fatal car crash on Facebook Live

The haunting footage of the horrific last minutes of 22-year-old Nikol Barabasova shows her giggling as she begins a Facebook Live stream. The Volkswagen was reportedly driving at more than 74.5 mph in Obrnice, Czech Republic when it struck a barrier. But then in a split second Nikol lets out a yelp. The clip shows […]

Help, I’m in Love With Three Women

Which one should I be with? Dear E. Jean: I’m a guy in love with three women. First, there’s my second ex-wife. We had the greatest sex and tons of fun, but we also fought over everything and nothing. She’s living with a guy, but she recently confessed that she’s not happy, that I still […]

Should I Ignore My Husband When He Doesn’t Return My Calls?

He often ignores my nightly calls to him when he’s out of town, and it drives me mad. Dear E. Jean: My husband has taken a job out of town and comes home on weekends. This is the best choice for us to survive in this erratic economy, and our deal is that he calls […]

Why I Slept With a Married Man, and What I Learned

“He’s nothing but a constant reminder of all the mistakes I made.”  Ask any heartbroken partner from a relationship split apart due to infidelity: Affairs can be bad news. That being said, they’re also complicated, and often blamed on the evil “home-wrecking” woman, who surely must be out to steal someone’s man and cause as […]

Study Says Men With Beards Make Better Relationship Material

It’s science. Bearded fellas everywhere, step forth! For you, my fuzzy-faced friends, have been lauded long-term relationship gold. Science says so. The science-backed conclusion comes courtesy of a study, led by Barnaby Dixson and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, that determined that dudes facially drowning in the furry stuff were more likely to […]

Parents blame bullying after 11-year-old cancer survivor commits suicide

Bethany Thompson was left with an off-center smile after suffering nerve damage during a procedure to remove a tumor related to her battle with brain cancer. Eight years after defeating the cancer, the 11-year-old Ohio girl shot and killed herself after what her parents believe was relentless bullying over her smile. Bethany rode the school […]

8 Things Your Ring Finger Length Could Say About Your Personality

As much fun as it is to have your palm read, most people know that the practice is basically B.S. But there could be other secrets hiding in your hands: See, researchers have long known that relatively high levels of exposure to testosterone (the male sex hormone) in the womb can slow the growth of […]

Losing the Scarf Helped Me Let Go of the Marriage

By Lifestyle Observer The loss of a simple item of clothing called up the pain of losses I thought I had already accepted. Sometimes, when you’ve owned and loved something for many years, you begin to worry a little every time you use it. As if the longer you manage to keep it, the more […]