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In a Tactical Move, DP Ruto Now Wants Prime Minister Post- Insiders

Top political pundits in the country are slowly shifting their rhetoric on a prospective Ruto Presidency. The radical change of tune is attributed to the aftermath of the agreement between President Kenyatta and former PM, Hon. Raila Odinga to work together in uniting the country.

Sources close to the DP indicate that as part of Ruto’s political strategy will entail supporting the push to introduce a Prime Minister’s post and making the President a ceremonial head of state. In such a political setup, the party with the majority parliamentary seats will have an upper hand in forming the government.

The Deputy President’s alleged political decision to endorse the Creation of the Prime Minister post results from the political jinx in which he has found himself, as the writings on the wall suggest that he is not guaranteed of the Mount Kenya regional support, should he maintain his bid for Presidency