Nakumatt evicted from Mombasa mall over Sh28m rent arrears

Nakumat Supermarket’s woes deepened yesterday after auctioneers evicted it out of Mombasa’s City Mall over unpaid Sh27.8 million rent arrears. The eviction was ordered by the High Court after owners of the property, Ideal Location Limited were given green light to evict the retailer. The retailer, formerly the country’s largest supermarket chain, was the anchor tenant in the mall.

High Court judge Charles Yano on Monday ruled that the financially-troubled chain of supermarkets has failed to pay rent, service charges and promotion fund and therefore owner of the premises was at liberty to evict them.

The eviction exercise attracted huge crowds with curious residents and tourists milling around the area surprised with the turn of events. Some of the onlookers who were on a mission to loot were stopped by the police and private guards who kept them at bay.

Employees watched from far as vegetables, rice, sugar, biscuits, fruits and other variables were being thrown out during the exercise. Makuri Auctioneers official Joel Titus Musya who supervised the eviction exercise, said he had received instructions from the owner of the building to evict the retailer after an order issued by the court.

“We are just executing a court order. We are evicting the tenant who is Nakumat Holding for failing to pay rent arrears. Whoever has his goods there should remove them. The workers are unhappy because they have not been paid for months,” he said.

An eviction notice states that “pursuant to a court order dated March 6, 2018 with regard to Ideal Locations Limited versus Nakumatt Holdings Limited, the former has exercised its right to eject the latter from its property due to failure by the supermarket to meet its obligations under the signed and registered lease.”

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