Round two wannabe politicians

The Friday Supreme Court ruling on the Presidential election was welcomed with varied reactions. On one side of the political divide were excited folks who broke into jubilation (pardon the pun) once the ruling was read. This group of happy folks was also joined by wannabe campus politicians who for the entire of this year have become tourists in school. These guys, whichever side they support, are excited because their cash cows are coming once again for milking, just when accounts were going dry. In case you are not familiar with the so called wannabe politicians, let us give you a mwakenya. These are the guys who unofficially dropped out of school in January and went home to participate in campaigns. While other serious comrades like John Paul Mwirigi of Igembe South were hunting for elective seats, these guys were dancing on podiums and shouting university slogans at rallies of politicians. Some even formed village ‘youth alliances’ and went around hawking services to political candidates while promising to help the latter garner the ‘youth votes’. So, after elections were done, the curtains fell and most of these young boys and girls were left financially orphaned. Most of them were left saddled by the tough burden of approaching the Dean to explain their absence from school for an entire academic year and why they should not be discontinued. Their resources of financial solace on the other hand, were no longer available. With no rallies to go to and no podiums to dance on while wearing branded t-shirts, these guys were now left with the task of repairing the severed relations with parents to get pocket money and convince them that this time, they are going back to school. But now windfall comes! Now that a presidential election is imminent, campuses will see another mass exodus of these folks from classes to respective villages. The dropouts who were slowly trying to assimilate themselves back to the system will drop out again! For them, Sh500 per campaign rally means so much more than lecture hours, CATs and handouts. Their troubles with the dean and heads of faculties have been postponed till January.

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