Kasiva & Karmen in Coke Studio

Two of Kenya’s leading female instrumentalists: TED Global 2017 fellow, Kasiva Mutua, (Percussionist) and Olive Karmen (Drummer) are set to debut on this year’s Coke Studio Africa as part of the show’s live band. This is the first time Coke Studio Africa has featured female instrumentalists. The two have both grown tremendously in their careers. Speaking on her debut on the show, Kasiva says, “The platform has exposed me to Afro pop music, which I had not done before. I am now able to infuse some elements of percussions into afro pop and still make it dope!” Karmen also added, “Coke Studio Africa has opened me up to new audiences and new opportunities to work with artistes that normally I wouldn’t have been in contact with. It has opened my eyes on new ways of creating new sounds.”

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