Manchester City v Liverpool- Saturday 9th, pre-match analysis and predictions

What a game to start with! Sometimes with a big game the anticipation is there but it can fizzle out. However, I can’t see that happening with this game. These two teams play one way and one way only – attack, attack, attack!

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be hoping to make his Liverpool debut but with England captain Jordan Henderson and Emre Can, who I’m a big fan off, set to play I don’t see him getting a game. That’s unless he plays out of position but I thought he went to Liverpool to play in central midfield, no?

I can’t see anything but goals in this game. Both are brilliant going forward and not great at the back. However, I’m just going to side with City because I believe they are slightly better at the back.

Pundit Predicts: Manchester City 3-2 Liverpool