Traffic commander issues warning against ambulance drivers who use sirens unnecessarily

When an ambulance turns on its siren, it is an unspoken rule that motorists should clear the way and allow the emergency vehicles to pass.

On Kenyan roads specifically, it has been witnessed more than once, an ambulance trying to beat the frequent traffic on the road by either forcing itself through the traffic or using the wrong side of the road.

Though an ambulance is allowed by law to break the traffic rules in order to take a patient to the hospital or at other times pick a casualty, questions have always been raised on the sincerity of the ambulance driver.

Nairobi Traffic police commander Leonard Katana has now issued a strict warning to drivers who misuse the siren in order to avoid traffic.

Mr. Katana noted that traffic will be forced to stop ambulances for inspection in order to prove that indeed a patient in being transported.

“In the evening, there are about 10-30 ambulances crisscrossing the city and we have not heard any emergency.

“Sometimes the ambulances are driven fast but you can tell someone just wants to go for lunch or get home early,”Katana was quoted by a local daily.

However commenting on the matter, Kenya Red Cross Communication Manager Noella Musundi divulged that ambulances are always dispatched to emergency scenes from the control center.

“At no time do drivers receive the emergency calls or respond without being dispatched by the controller,” he said.

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