Chris Musando’s death unfathomably painful

Kenya is trying to come to terms with former IEBC ICT boss, Chris Musando. Mr. Musando was last seen on Friday evening and was reported missing thereafter. The police and other security agencies began a pursuit to find Musando, until Monday afternoon when reports reached media houses that his body had been found at the City Mortuary.

People who had a glimpse of the body explained that Mr. Musando had suffered fatal injuries leading to his death. His left forearm was broken. The left side of his head was badly injured and blood was still coming out of his mouth, a sign of the painful experience Musando passed through to his death. The city Mortuary staff also noted that Musando’s back was badly injured.

It is such unfathomable the kind of experience and circumstances leading to Mr. Musando’s death, but everyone seems to agree that his killers were ruthless and inhuman.

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