Joyce Lay and Dan Mwanzo decamp to Jubilee

Taita Taveta Senator and women MP  have decamped from ODM and joined Jubilee Party setting ground for more defection as the August polls draws nearer.

President Uhuru Kenyatta while welcoming the two to Jubilee termed their move as bold and encouraged other leaders to emulate them.

Mwazo cited Jubilee’s fulfilled pledges to the people of Taita Taveta such as construction of roads including Voi-Mwatate, Mwatate-Taveta and Mwatate-Wundanyi as the reason for defection.

“We should not support parties which have no interest in improving our livelihoods. We should support a party which has our interests at heart” he said.

The Senator had earlier announced his move to join Jubilee while in Bura claiming “the interests of Taita-Taveta people lay in Jubilee”.

Politics is not about parties. It is not about clans. Politics is about interests,” he said. “I seek the seat of governor and I will pursue the interests of Taita Taveta people.”

The two dumped Raila for Uhuru on Friday, when the President was in their county to launch and inspect development projects.

President Uhuru addressing Taita Taveta residents. (PSCU)

Joyce Lay on her hand while addressing a public rally in Voi stated Jubilee’s resolve to deal with some historical injustices in the Coast as her reason for dumping Raila.

“Why should we continue with the narrative of historical injustices when we have a government willing to correct the situation and help us move forward?” she asked.

She urged Coast residents to “move on” since the Jubilee administration had begun to deal with the challenges which they had spoken about for long.

Taita Taveta senator, Dan Mwanzo addressing residents of Taita Taveta (PSCU)

President Uhuru urged area leaders to join and support his administration  which was planning to increase water supply and build the county headquarters.

He added unlike the opposition chief who thrives on propaganda and deceit his government works for the people and had achieved a lot in the last four years.

“It is wrong for the Opposition leader, who has been a Prime minister, to claim that Jubilee has done nothing. It would be better if he acknowledged the efforts of the government but added that if given the opportunity he would do more,” he said.

Huge crowd turned up to welcome president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto. (PSCU)

Uhuru spoke while in Bura Mission and Mwatate trading centre where he launched the rehabilitation of the 56km Bura-Mghange-Werugha-Mbale-Msau-Mtwamwagodi road and also inspected the tarmacking of the Sh2.3 billion Voi-Mwatate-Wundanyi road.

The Senator urged the government to establish a dry port in Voi, implement phase two of the Mzima Springs water project and construct the county headquarters in Mwatate.

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