Opposition Chief, Raila Odinga releases details on alleged vote rigging in 2013

CORD’S Chief Principal has reiterated his previous claims that the 2013 general elections were rigged. Hon. Odinga has for the first time given details and figures on the alleged rigging. According to Odinga, 2 million votes were used to rig the elections.

While defending his claims, the opposition chief indicated that he had given forensic UK editors facts and figures, who afterwards confirmed the rigging. Odinga also stated that he gave similar information to a German firm who counter-checked and confirmed the allegations.

Raila spoke after Jubilee forced through weakened election laws — requiring manual operations if technology fails. Cord says this will be used to rig the 2017 election, like the 2013 polls.According to The Star , Raila said Jubilee had intended the electronic system to crash last time, requiring an easily manipulated manual system. The opposition has called for mass protests starting January 4 until laws are withdrawn.


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