Fact-checking Ruto: Outright lies that Deputy President, William Ruto told on live TV in his interview with Hussein Mohammed

The general elections are getting closer and the two sides: the government and the opposition are working hard to beautify their scorecard. On Wednesday, Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed had an interview with the Deputy President, Hon. William Ruto. Mohammed appeared tough on him, as the DP kept referring to him as “My friend”. It was evident that the DP found Mr. Mohammed smart, and he therefore, couldn’t help it but tell a few lies. The Nairobi Observer Team scrutinized the conversation and identified some of the areas in which the Deputy President told an outright lie. Look:

RUTO: We are transforming this country(sic). We have tarmacked up to 6000 kilometers of roads..I told you we would do it in three years!

MINISTRY OF ROADS: We have tendered for tarmacking of a total of only 500 kilometers of roads (distance similar to Nairobi to Mombasa)

RAILA ODINGA: To Hussein Mohammed of Citizen TV. Jubilee have only tarmacked 50 kilometers of road in three years as indicated on these government documents. 500 kilometers is on tender. DP Ruto lied to you and other Kenyans with a straight face. 6000 kilometers is similar to Malaba to Mombasa – ten times. There is no such tarmac project anywhere in this country.

You see, the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya lied on live TV on a major issue!

We will be fact-checking political opinion-makers and leaders whenever we come across statements that just don’t add up. This is our first article in the series. The election dates may seem far, but we are going to make sense of every development. We are also wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2017!

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