Governor’s image appears on county schools’ mock exam papers in a bizarre campaign strategy

Do you remember the CPA guy who stole media attention by carrying a huge poster along Thika road in search for a job and finally got it? Well, if you thought that was indecent, then you shouldn’t be surprised as this strategy may be adopted even in politics. Siaya Governor, Honorable Cornel Rasanga has devised a creative method of pitching his bid to retain his seat. Apparently, Hon. Rasanga instructed mock exam publishers in his county to place his picture on the front page of exam papers. An image making rounds on social media shows a mathematics mock exam paper bearing the Governor’s image, his official name and the post he will be vying for in the coming elections.rasanga-exam

Many Kenyans have viewed this to be an innovative and bizarre campaign strategy. This comes as election dates edge closer.

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