Why political “defecting” should not be a surprise in Kenya

The political black-market often opens its ugly doors every election year and this year isn’t any different.

During such seasons, politicians with price tags on their forehead always find buyers from moneyed political merchants who’ve commodified politics.
Cash used to purchase these politicians comes from corrupt dealings of the regime in place. It happened in 1997, 2002, 2007, 2013 and 2017 won’t be any different.

One common denominator is that as the greedy political jesters follow money, the people have always stuck with the right side. We’ve seen those who followed money being confined to political oblivion.

Fair enough, for this season, Kenyans will see Eurobond and NYS loot accounted for as it will be used for its intended purpose, that is, in buying and selling politicians some of whom spent their term babysitting and indulging in socialite tendencies online.

Choppers will fly over the airspace of your villages. Millions of cash will be donated by the defectors in harambees. You’ll see an upsurge in jaded political rhetoric.

When you see them thronging your village smartly dressed, splashing cash and concealing their eyes with dark spectacles to conceal the hypocrisy readable in their eyes, kindly ask them to give you your share of Eurobond and NYS loot.

There is a well sketched script that the sponsors of political socialites think will give them value for their investment. 300M has already been wired to fund acquisition or formation of another party.

Then you’ll see what will appear like mass exodus from mainly the Change Movement to the new outfit. With huge funding and Choppers to Fly from one neighborhood to another, you won’t see much of babysitting and photos of paternity leave that were daily being thrown on our faces.
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Commentary by Hon Jim Bonnie

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