What is the real cause of Namwamba’s ODM step-down?

Ababu Namwamba is a victim of the machinery. It is called the system.

It is not new…ask Noah Katana Ngala, ask Charity Kaluki Ngilu, ask Kazungu Kambi…Infact ask Musalia Mudavadi (Mademoni) .
As the general elections near; the might & weight of the financial scandal in the regime of the day comes to fore…Moi’s goldenburg, Kibaki’s Anglo leasing & UhuRutos Eurobond heist.

The proceeds of these blatant raid on state coffers are usually, generally & generously used in Kenya to rig, abuse, & buy off weak political opponents in a bid to destabilize the opposition.

This is the juncture where you see many an opposition member suddenly display allures of grandeur, recent rent defaulters instantaneously owning multiple palatial homes & houses in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs & upcountry.

You can’t miss the frequent helicopter village visits , astonishing & the destitute villager struck in awe at your ‘new found power & wealth’ .
At this point the previously silent & lost politician finds his voice & slithers his way back into the party with a host of unrealistic conditions & demands in preparation for his imminent departure from his sponsoring party.

The arrogance meted out by the ruling elite is borne out of the primitive accumulation of wealth plundered from state .This ill gotten wealth gives the ruling, thieving elites illusions of invincibility & indomitability .

The cheap & uninformed rants of ‘KANU shall rule for 100 years’ , felling the ruling party is like chopping a mugumo tree with a razor blade, jubilee will rule till 2032 …amongst many other psychophantic chants rent the compromised airwaves .
Power corrupts.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Ababu Namwamba is acting out an old script, his imminent & expected departure is long overdue, his obvious regret after being duped & dumped in the annals of the rather huge political trash can is brewing & impending.

Fly your choppers Ababu, buy your houses Ababu, thump your chest Ababu, insult & abuse ODM & Raila Ababu; there is nothing brand new Ababu.

After all were it not for Raila Odinga you would be a struggling midget lawyer transversing the law courts looking for the next client to swindle. Do not lecture us on anything, Raila taught you all what you know NOT all that he knows.
Kiss the behinds of those funding you, they will ultimately let go of you after they’re done with you, get what you can when you can because just like a mpango wa Kando you lack the security of tenure.

Go in piece, go silently.

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