Sonko’s message to couples: Embrace forgiveness

In a rare contextual statement, Mike Sonko took to social media urging couples to embrace forgiveness and treat each other with respect. The flamboyant senator singled couples with children to stick to each other for the sake of kid. He urged men to surprise wife with dinners and weekend treats.

Sonko down played business and career saying one must create time for family. He posted pictures of himself and wife having it easy at Marina bay for the weekend.

“Watu wangu think of your family today and every day thereafter, don’t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family. Let’s end domestic violence in Nairobi Ukikosea mama wako just learn to ask for forgiveness na jifundishe kusema I’m sorry ama pole.

The same to you kina mama ukikosea mzee mwambie pole sweety. Don’t allow your relationship ya many years iishe coz ya hasira and bitterness za ufala.Kama mimi jana nilienda campaign Kibera bila bodyguards nikaekewa mchele nimeingia kwa nyumba asubui mama karibu alete shida but nikampeleka out tukiwa wawili nikamwambe im sorry.

Wale hawana uwezo ya kwenda out get in touch with my office niwape free limo za kwenda uhuru park na kukiwa na shida just txt me will come kuingilia mpaka muelewane. Bwana akiwa juu bibi awe chini na Bibi akiwa juu Bwana awe chini.Hasira Hasara ‪#‎SelfRespect‬”

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