Popular “Bungoma Hangman” given free flight to Nairobi

Wanyonyi Saleh, popularly known as the Bungoma James Bond has today boarded a plane to Nairobi, thanks to Joseph Waso, a businessman who offered to make his dream come true.

Wanjala made headlines for hanging in a chopper that had ferried the body of the fallen billionaire Jacob Juma at Posta ground in Bungoma town. He was injured when dropped at Bungoma air strip, two kilometres away.

It seems like the Bungoma incident has turned out to be a blessing in disguise to Mr. Wanjala and his mum after the Mr Lendrix Waswa decided to fly them to Nairobi and back in Bungoma. After their arrival in Nairobi, they were received by the businessman who took them in motorcade of Limos to Lavington for lunch.

Mr Waswa said he wanted to know exactly who Mr. Wanjala was and why he risked his life by perilously hanging on the chopper like James Bond.
I want to know everything about Mr. Wanjala aka the James Bond. I want to find out exactly what he wanted to explore by risking his life” Said Mr. Waswa.
Mr. Wanjala said he was very happy to board a real plane although he thought it was as windy as the chopper he had unwelcomely boarded. He thanked his benefactor for the kindness and urged him and other well wishers to keep helping him pay school fees for his children and also set up business since he is incapacitated. He also discouraged whoever planning to attempt what he did terming it a bitter experience.
I would like to thank Mr. Waswa for helping me board the real plane. Unlike the chopper that I hang on which was so windy when on air, the lane was very comfortable although at some point I felt uneasy. I would like to caution whoever planning to attempt what I did because it is very painful. Up there, there is a lot of wind especially when hanging. Said James Bond.
I would like to thank Mr. Waswa for his kindness and urge him and other well wishers to continue helping me raise the school fees for my children because I cannot perform heavy duties. I would like to urge people of goodwill to help me set up a business that can help me going because my leg is paralyzed” He added.

Mr. Wanjala and his mus are expected back in Bungoma later in the evening through the same flight.

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